All About the Benjamins Money Portal Opening Spell

Your soul came here to experience things. Now the matrix programming would have you believe that you are limited in your experiences to the surrounding of the earth rules and regulations. However Universal Laws declare that all thoughts are possible for manifestation..,it is the matrix programming that is designed to brainwash the masses into the robotic slave mentality. The brainwashing that you are a simple human being…not to acknowledge that you are an immortal spiritual being having a human experience.

Because of this programming of your mind to the rules and regulations of this planet you soul has been limited in it’s experience. We are continually spelling one another with the limits of this planet programming. Now is the time to try a new spell. Now is the time to spell yourself with your own desires and wishes. Now is the time to take the limits off yourself. Now is the time to break out of this prison without walls. You have the power to change your own story and rewrite it as often as you like.

Now is the time to become the best version of yourself. Enjoy your life…live every moment to the fullest…blaze your own trail…create your desired reality. Happy Day and remember YOU are awesome!.
I would like to introduce you to my book of spells..The Book of Shadows, by Sharon Young Bishop. Being released soon. So I am starting out by offing you this most powerful money spell. All About the Benjamins Money Portal Opening Spell will change your life vibration. Open your own money portal and experience a life changing event in your finances, health, wealth and prosperity. This is not just about money, this is about creating a better quality of life vibration, so that energy, your INNER CHI can flow over into your physical manifestations and your being with great ease.

This spell was given to me by my channels, Brea and the seven. I am the unique owner of it and only my wand creations are allowed to work this spell. Any of my money wands will work this spell. Don’t miss out on such an awesome opportunity to get in on this amazingly powerful energy spell! There are 4 simple but powerful steps to this spell. I will walk you through each step and help you to create your very own money Portal of life. You have nothing to loose beloved, and everything to gain! Get the money spell here!

Warning: This is a very powerful money spell. Money simply enhances where you already are. This spell allows money to work for you.
In order to view and use this money spell you much purchase an E-download
This is a money Spell from my book of spells called The Good Witch Goddess Book of Shadows. This money spell is a money portal opening spell. It will open a money portal over the life of anyone who uses it with the intention. To make this spell work properly You will need the following Energies:

  • one of my money spell crystal wands
  • candles:
    Earth(green)-water(blue)-Fire(red) and air(white).

  • Incense
    Frankincense-Myrrh-Dragons Blood and-Spiritual

  • Money-It can be real or play money to make an infinity symbol.
    infinity money symbol
    infinity money symbol

    In order to view and use this money spell you much purchase an E-download