Evolution Butterfly-Paperback – Large Print


This is a book about the soul of a woman, writing a book about a woman, who is writing a book within a book. This book is about waking up from the matrix illusion of 3D and how wonderful this learning center we call Earth can be. This book has no beginning and no ending. This book has no structure. This book is not written with order or outlines. This book is from the heart, the soul and the ultimate mind of The God Self and all that ISness. In this tiny form of the oversoul we call Oxsonia, ,Brea and the Seven, Troy the shadow warrior, Darkus the instructor of the future, and all its many parts, which include the body, the earth suit, and the human known as Sharon Young Bishop- she who is WE, is free from the bondage of 3D, and wanting to express herself in several ways throughout this book. There are real parts and there are fictional parts and they all make up the whole part of this book. Read with an open mind, an eager heart and a playful desire to be taken on a wonderful ride.
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