Queen of Hearts Lapbook Journal


❤This lovely Queen of Hearts Lapbook Journal is 6” by 8” and folds out to 21”. With a 1 inch spine. This beautiful journal was made with care and love. This is a soft Cover Journal.
❤It is filled with post cards and cute tags. Lots of room to grow and add your own personal touches.
❤There are fold out journal pages, with lots of writing space for journaling or to do list. There are pockets flips and folds throughout this beautiful journal. Perfect for travel or stay at home time.
❤This beautiful Lapbook style Eclectic Vintage Folio Junk Journal would make a lovely gift for anyone on any occasion.

❤❤For a detailed video of this lovely Queen of Hearts Lapbook Journal please visit my YouTube channel video here-https://youtu.be/kX3VhntF0D8

This lovely Queen of Hearts Lapbook Journal is handmade with love and peace energy- imperfections are part of its charm!!
Handmade. Designer papers used..My Ebony Vintage downloadable journal pages.
❤Come with a boho beads and charms
❤Let yourself get organized with style with these beautiful papers . Plenty of room to grow.

❤This listing is for 1 Lapbook style Folio Junk Journal .

❤❤See video on this one here-https://youtu.be/kX3VhntF0D8

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